Astral Projection Experience or Waking dreams? July 7th 2013 between 1330 and 1450

I JUST had one of the most strange projection/dreams I’ve ever had and it went on and on for pretty much the entire hour long nap that I had taken. As I was laying down and going to sleep I started with some breathing exercises and waited for the vibrations to come naturally. I noted a few strange incidents…first of all, I think I noticed that I have sleep apnea because I remember literally gasping for air at one point which led to some very weird spasms…I remember my leg kicking and twitching but the funny part is that I wasn’t scared? That might just be me being a weirdo but yeah. Anyways onto the experience.

  I “Woke” up in my bed and I felt super super groggy. So my first instinct was to sit up, it took all of my strength to do it. I was standing in a daze, wobbling around almost like I was drunk. I couldn’t really open my eyes too much….my entire body felt like I was wading through muddy water. I remember standing over by the door and then the next second I was in my bed again, so I sit up and again I feel like 1000 pounds…I wobble back to the door and by the time I make it there I’m back in my bed again. There was a few times i’d stand up out of bed and instantly crumble down to the ground only to find myself back in my bed. While all this is going on I have no idea if I’m dreaming or if I’m having a very weird OBE. I thought about jumping out of my window buuuuut I live on the 3rd story…if I was wrong about both and found out that I was sleep walking mid flight, that would make for a very bad day. However, all in all, I can fully remember 7 waking instances…until finally really waking up in my bed.

 The reason I don’t understand if it was a dream or OBE is because, it was a lot like Lucid Dreaming….however, usually when I go “Lucid” it’s inside a dream world. This was inside my room, everything exactly how it is in real life ( Judging by the times that I actually could open my eyes). Usually, in any out of body experience I’ve had, when I project into the “Real time zone” at least, it’s usually right to where I am in the real world. So, Idk what to make of it. I don’t know if it was a dream or an actual experience….I felt conscious, barely but conscious….but I don’t know. It was strange and something I felt like I should log. I guess I can let you guy’s decide.


Interesting exerience that led to my closest conscious projection yet.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been in 1 hell of a rut, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on relaxing, or breathing or….anything really, I’ve had no result. This got frustrating because this was one of the first set of complete and consistent failures that I’ve had in a long time. I hadn’t given up, but I found myself getting annoyed at the half hour point and just rolling over for bed. Well, last night was a little different.

 I laid in bed and could NOT quiet my mind, so I figured i’d just go to sleep. Couldn’t do that either, what a confidence booster, I couldn’t even do a normal simple task. So I put on my headphones, fired up my kindle and listened to my audio book, surely that would put me to sleep? No of course not, the book is just starting to get interesting, why would I think that would work? Now i’m severely annoyed, I roll over on my stomach (my best sleeping position) nothing. It was about 2 30 in the morning, maybe 3 and I had to be up at 5 30 to get ready for work….something had to give. I figured “to hell with it”, i’ll try one more time.

It couldn’t have been more than a minute, maybe less into my session when I heard a male voice call to me. “Ruuuuuuuudy” I know I hadn’t dreamt the voice because I was wide awake, and I could hear it very strongly as though as the voice were to the right of me. After hearing that the exit symptoms swung into full affect. They all slammed me at once, i even began to feel my legs stretch through my feet, it was a very interesting sensation.

 I wasn’t able to get out of my body, as soon as i felt like i was about to go, a thought would always interrupt the session. It gave me a huge moral booster knowing that i am a lot closer than i thought! In one moment i felt as though i’d taken 10 giant steps back, the next i felt myself leaping forward, closer to my goal than I’ve ever been before. I think that a conscious projection will be done by the end of this month, i’m sure of it.

Interesting AP Attempt (20th June 2013)

So i’m beginning to notice a trend, I can easily achieve pre exit symptoms. Rapid heart chakra beating, tingling floating sensation, strange roaring sounds, but my problem is as SOON as I get to the falling sensation, my mind locks on it and then the symptoms slowly fade away. So, I considered the possibility that this is probably a mental barrier preventing me from doing this consciously.

 So, last night, I decided that I need a helping hand. I cleared my thoughts with a little meditation and stood in the center of my room when I felt satisfied. I visualized myself growing so big that the earth was microscopic beneath my feet. I visualized seeing through many different layers of the universe, I felt confidence that my voice would echo through the different planes. With this I called to my guides, my guardians and to all helpful spirits that wished to help me in my endeavors. I visualized my voice traveling on currents of energy radiating through my throat chakra, while also using tactile imaging to feel my throat chakra to add to the atmosphere of my on the spot make shift ritual. With that I clasped my hands together, thanked all of my guides and spiritual companions and bowed, ending the ritual.

So I hop in bed, close my eyes and start working on belly breathing and almost had INSTANT sensations, usually it takes me a little less than a minute to induce sensations but this was really fast. My real time sight kicked on directly afterwards and the first spirit I saw was a black figure, it looked like a man but I couldn’t see any features, just that it was human like. It seemed uninterested with me, it stopped and turned its head, looking at me and kept walking. I wasn’t scared and it didn’t bother me, I figured it was just a spirit answering my call and maybe realizing I wasn’t what he was expecting? Next was something I could only explain as possibly an angel. On my “Black mental screen” I saw the outline of a woman with wings directly above me, I was behind her and she turned her head and then flew away, looking back at me as she did. The next figure was another human figure, only this one was outlined in white, he came to me, stopped at my bed side and bent down for a second, then he outstretched his hand towards me like someone would when they are offering you their hand to pull you up. I tried but unfortunately being awake for all of this, I offered my actual hand. Again I got to all the sensations but this time I got a strong pressure in my third eye chakra or 6th chakra, it was strong enough to the point that it was causing pain, almost like a brain freeze. As soon as I sat up the pain was gone, I took a few breathers and decided to lay back down and just go to sleep. However, I asked for help so I sure did receive it.

 As I laid down on my stomach, I began getting sensations again! Usually my stomach is my quitting phase, these spirits were determined to help me out! The next entity that came to me was “the transforming old lady” I gave her this name because this is the only entity that night that showed itself to me completely, facial features and everything, only thing is she was only a floating head! She appeared to me first as my father, then his face began to melt….not in a scary way. Then it turned into this old woman’s face and head, she looked at me and smiled and flew away out of my “Third eye sight”. 

 This was the last entity that presented itself to me. I never did get out of my body consciously, however I woke up about 3 times throughout the night with really strong sensations, one of which I felt my left leg leave my body but snap back in place as soon as I felt it.

 Moral of this story is, you can count on your guides and helpful spirits to come to you in your time of need, however, remember that if you ask you shall receive! Shouldn’t have made that call on a work night, it took me forever to get past the vibrations and actually fall asleep! ( Just to add, I didn’t call to the spirits and just quit. This was after about 2 hours of attempts ranging from 2330 until 0145. I wouldn’t call onto spirits to not even attempt an exit!)

My First Experience With “Real-Time Sight. 11 June 2013

Hey everyone,

 So I don’t have a time logged for this experience because it happened mid way through my sleep cycle and I had work in the morning so I was honestly too lazy to log it correctly.(SHAME!) I’m going to take a second to explain Real-Time Sight for those of you who may not know what it is or possibly refer to it as something else.

 Real-Time Sight usually occurs when you’re in a trance or meditative state. You may notice that sometimes through meditation you can see vaguely through your eyelids or possibly very clearly, the different variations of how well people can see truly depends on the person. Basically what’s going on is your “Mind Eye Chakra” or “Third Eye” is activated and working at a higher rate than usual so your not actually seeing through your eyelids but actually through your mind. This state can lead anywhere from seeing random images flash through your mind rapidly to looking at your room through closed eyes. It really depends. I know for me my minds eye has always had a strong activity, I regularly see spirits or astral entities while awake. Honestly, the only way I can describe them WHILE I’m awake and not actively meditating is like, think back to the movie Predator and the predator goes into “stealth mode” and he looks transparent but kind of squiggly…? Don’t know if that was a good explanation but oh well, anyways onto the experience.

 So I start the night with trying to get out of my body, as I do almost every night and I get the same thing as I do most nights, exit sensations with a side of failure. The reason is because I meditate while laying in bed, it’s the most comfortable position for me. However, it also leads to sleep! Anyways, I fell asleep and woke up once, might have been a projection but I felt so groggy that my physical mind was all about going back to sleep…so that’s what I did. I wake up again, I have no idea what time it was or how long I been asleep and I have to use the restroom…bad. I noticed however that I was basically almost asleep on my feet literally stumbling for the door. This is strange for me, usually when I wake up I’m pretty up. However, obviously all I’m thinking about that time is peeing so I leave my room and make my way to the bathroom. Now, to give you a quick description of my living quarters so you can understand. I live in a barracks, I have my own room but we have community bathrooms, showers and a kitchen. my hallway Is about 20 rooms long with a water fountain right next to the bathroom. So, I’m walking towards the bathroom and I see someone walking at the end of the hall, in fact, it looks like one of my friends but for some reason he’s really short. This guy’s taller than me, I’m 5’6 and he’s about 5’9. I think nothing of it, I just keep walking thinking there’s gunk in my eye, like I said I was extremely groggy. But I get closer and he keeps getting smaller, I rub my eyes and he’s still there. Finally I get close enough and I look down and notice, he has no feet! About a quarter of him was through the floor, I look back up at him, we make eye contact and then he turns, glides through the water fountain and finally through the wall. The weirdest part of it all, I was so groggy at the time that nothing seemed strange about what I just saw at all. I walked into the bathroom, stumbled back to my room, laid down and then right before closing my eyes I thought about it and it hit me….w….t….f?? So I scribbled as quickly as I could the experience which was honestly just a sentence and then I went to sleep.

It was an interesting experience to say the least, like I said above, to an extent I always have a mild sense into the real time zone. But this is the first time I’ve seen an Real Time projection of another person so clear. Well, that’s all I got, I just wanted to share that with you guys, thanks!




Meditation and different levels of being…from my experience.

Hey ladies and gents,

 Today I’ve been pondering over the different types of experiences I’ve had from meditation. It’s strange how vast the human consciousness truly is, and what different levels you can unlock from just sitting down and breathing! I’ll create another post on how I meditate, what works for me and why I think it does. But today, I’m just going to share some of the experiences I’ve had on my journeys through consciousness. Enjoy!

 Energetic Overload – The feeling I had coincides with the title I’ve given it. If you could imagine plugging yourself into an electrical outlet, this could give you an idea of what I experienced while in this stage. The entire body tingles as though static electricity is literally pouring out of my body. There are no visual or auditory experiences, no happiness or sadness, just pure energy. It’s like my body was humming with the energy of the universe, there was nothing but this energy and I was one with it. The craziest part is the sensation didn’t stop after I closed the mediation session until about 15 to 20 minutes after. It was a very incredible experience, one of which I haven’t had since my time spent in Iraq in 09-10.

  The Sound of Silence – Yes I took the title off one of my favorite songs, however, I couldn’t think of a better name to describe it. Absolute silence, the world around you fades away, no thought chatter in your mind, just a still calm mind. Nothing around me really mattered in this place, just try and be one with the blackness. Can’t think of any other way to describe this one so we’ll just leave it at that. 

At The Theater – This is an interesting level because I receive these visions almost seemingly out of nowhere. They come in very fast flashes, most of which don’t make sense but it’s almost like watching a movie reel with random images on each slide. I try to remember as much as I can but each vision is literally only there for a second. Mind boggling and aggravating, I noticed that there is no use trying to slow it down, as soon as you try to control it, they stop instantly.

 Waking Paralysis – Those of you who’ve experienced will instantly remember the horror of this title. It’s actually a very well known phenomena and is exactly what the title say’s, in most cases people will wake up with the feeling of a presence in the room, then as they try to make their escape, they cant! What happens is your brain emits a chemical that paralysis your body while you sleep so you don’t act out your dreams. Well, waking in this state can be nothing short of horrifying. I’ve both woken up in this state as well as meditated myself into it. Through mediation, I found myself aggravated,  not really scared. I didn’t have any of the “Entity” attacks usually associated with Waking Paralysis. Then again….I’ve also woken up in this stage which I had a full blown “Entity” attack. I can remember it clearly and it frightened the piss out of me, almost literally. But none the less, it’s a very interesting phenomena.

 Love – The title says it all, imagine nothing but love entering your mind and body and completely wrapping you up. This session is hard to close because you could just be lost in it forever, you just FEEL what true love is. You and your higher power/self, accept you for what you are, good and bad. But most importantly, you feel that love for yourself from that power that’s just indescribable. It’s truly a life changing experience.

Pre OBE Sensations – And to wrap it up, the bane of my existence, OBE/Astral Projection. It usually starts with a light tingling sensation, which seems to be followed almost immediately with the sense of feeling weightless. Which is interesting because I feel the weight kind of drain away. For some reason I feel like someone’s walking around on my bed, like I can feel the depressions from someone’s weight walking around me. It doesn’t really bother me but I do take note of it. The tingling usually becomes more pronounced at this point, it radiates through my whole body which is always accompanied with an increase in Heart Chakra activity, to the point where it feels like my heart is literally going to beat out of my chest. The last sensation that I’ve experienced is usually an extreme sense of shaking. The only way I can describe it is like an earthquake but only inside of you. Nothings shaking but that sense of extreme back and forth, I feel that and honestly is what usually sends my brain racing to try and GET OUT of my body…which is usually what ends the experience.

 Well guy’s, these are some of my most memorable experiences brought on by meditation. I hope you enjoy them or possibly learn something from them. See ya! 


Successful Astral Projection, Date 27th May, 2013

I started my session at about evening time, the time right now after the session is 18:58, if i remember correctly i began at about 17:30. I started with some energy work, but soon realized how tired i was and lost focus, before long i had fallen asleep. I had a dream that i was at a Family Guy award show, and they were playing clips of the show i had never seen however, at the time they were all extremely funny. I realized after some time though that i was dreaming and with that, i was back in my bed. At this point i tried to sit up and it felt like i weighed 1000 lbs, i had to fight to open my eyes and once i got to my feet, i felt like i was wading through a powerful current. I literally had to force the words “Give me clarity” out of my mouth but they were no use. I fell to my knees, however before i did i made sure to look at my bed and noticed that it was empty. (Before i would chalk this experience as a failure, however, due to research on many different OBE’s from other people, this doesnt mean that i failed. Sometimes the brain wont allow you to see yourself, as if denying the possibility of 2 of you at the same time.) I literally had to force myself to sit up and stand….if i had stumbled in the opposite direction of my body i think i would have been ok. I’ll try to keep that idea in my mind for next time. However, as i fell to my knees there is a black period and then i woke up, i beleive that i lost concioussness and re entered my body at this point.

I’m beginning to see that i’m averaging about 1 OBE a month, which is great. If I continue the way I am now, they’ll become more frequent, this i’m sure of.

Successful Astral Projection, Date March 28th 2013

It was a normal night without any meditation or energy work involved. I fell asleep and
 almost instantly i felt myself float away from my body. I felt exit sensations however
they were mild and passed almost instantly. When i floated away from my body i wanted to
move to the right side of my bed, as i thought this i felt a pressure in my head and glided to the right in unison. I stood over my body for a second and smiled, i had finally projected out of my body. Remembering advice from Robert Bruce i decided to keep the trip as short as possible. I do remember seeing my friend Rachel in my room, we held eye contact for a second before i got this intense sensation of being stretched out, almost like a goo toy being stretched. Then i was in a tunnel, flying at an incredible speed. I began yelling “I’ll remember this” over and over before finally i was back in my body again. Incredible experience.

 Now a few things on this experience just so you guy’s are following, this wasn’t a dream. If it was, it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The only thing that can even come close to what I experienced is a Lucid Dream, however it honestly was still nothing like that at all. Usually with Lucid Dreams, you become aware mid dream that you’re dreaming without actually waking up. This was nothing like that. It was like being completely awake, no dream cycle, just a full blown OBE. Also, you may notice that i’ll be bringing up a girl named Rachel a lot. She was one of my best friends in my teenage years who passed away in 2005. Now she’s one of my spirit guides, at least that’s how I like to picture her. It was awesome to know that she was right there with me when I left my body, waiting for me. However, I’m also kind of embarrassed due to the fact that i’m also a recently divorced bachelor, with MO of your everyday bachelor…messy room ect ect. I’m hoping she isn’t going to think i’m gross when i’m able to stay out of body long enough to have a conversation!

Hello everyone!

 Hi, my name isn’t important for this blog. If you’ve happened to stumble on this, that means you’re on the same journey as me. Or possibly, the seed is planted and just hasn’t quite sprouted yet. You may know as well as I do, this trail we walk on is a rare and difficult one to find, yet even harder to not sway from. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. We live in a technological world, which don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a terrible thing. However, most are only evolving technologically and leaving behind the thing that truly makes us who we are, spirit. I can tell you this, 99% of my “friends” would much rather spend their weekends getting tanked at the bar or club, which there’s nothing wrong with that because I’ve been there but…maybe one of those friends have ever experienced meditation, possibly dabbled in it but that’s it. That’s why it’s so hard to stay on track, the life we as spiritual evolutionists live is a lonely one.

 So this page serves two purposes. First and most importantly, it’s to show you that no matter how lonely your travels get, you’re never alone. There are others like you, you’re not crazy for having experiences that most of your friends would laugh at you for. There’s others like myself, like you, who have the same goals set for them. My second reason is to help me, I’ll be honest with you, I’m terrible at tracking my experiences. There’s so much I’d love to share with you but cant, the experiences aren’t as fresh in my mind anymore and now they’re just distant memories.

Now about why you’re here. This page is to share/log my spiritual experiences i.e. meditation, astral projection, lucid dreams, psychic experiences, occult studies and practice. Please, feel free to interject and share your experiences with me. I look forward to working on true evolution with all of you!