I started my session at about evening time, the time right now after the session is 18:58, if i remember correctly i began at about 17:30. I started with some energy work, but soon realized how tired i was and lost focus, before long i had fallen asleep. I had a dream that i was at a Family Guy award show, and they were playing clips of the show i had never seen however, at the time they were all extremely funny. I realized after some time though that i was dreaming and with that, i was back in my bed. At this point i tried to sit up and it felt like i weighed 1000 lbs, i had to fight to open my eyes and once i got to my feet, i felt like i was wading through a powerful current. I literally had to force the words “Give me clarity” out of my mouth but they were no use. I fell to my knees, however before i did i made sure to look at my bed and noticed that it was empty. (Before i would chalk this experience as a failure, however, due to research on many different OBE’s from other people, this doesnt mean that i failed. Sometimes the brain wont allow you to see yourself, as if denying the possibility of 2 of you at the same time.) I literally had to force myself to sit up and stand….if i had stumbled in the opposite direction of my body i think i would have been ok. I’ll try to keep that idea in my mind for next time. However, as i fell to my knees there is a black period and then i woke up, i beleive that i lost concioussness and re entered my body at this point.

I’m beginning to see that i’m averaging about 1 OBE a month, which is great. If I continue the way I am now, they’ll become more frequent, this i’m sure of.