It was a normal night without any meditation or energy work involved. I fell asleep and
 almost instantly i felt myself float away from my body. I felt exit sensations however
they were mild and passed almost instantly. When i floated away from my body i wanted to
move to the right side of my bed, as i thought this i felt a pressure in my head and glided to the right in unison. I stood over my body for a second and smiled, i had finally projected out of my body. Remembering advice from Robert Bruce i decided to keep the trip as short as possible. I do remember seeing my friend Rachel in my room, we held eye contact for a second before i got this intense sensation of being stretched out, almost like a goo toy being stretched. Then i was in a tunnel, flying at an incredible speed. I began yelling “I’ll remember this” over and over before finally i was back in my body again. Incredible experience.

 Now a few things on this experience just so you guy’s are following, this wasn’t a dream. If it was, it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The only thing that can even come close to what I experienced is a Lucid Dream, however it honestly was still nothing like that at all. Usually with Lucid Dreams, you become aware mid dream that you’re dreaming without actually waking up. This was nothing like that. It was like being completely awake, no dream cycle, just a full blown OBE. Also, you may notice that i’ll be bringing up a girl named Rachel a lot. She was one of my best friends in my teenage years who passed away in 2005. Now she’s one of my spirit guides, at least that’s how I like to picture her. It was awesome to know that she was right there with me when I left my body, waiting for me. However, I’m also kind of embarrassed due to the fact that i’m also a recently divorced bachelor, with MO of your everyday bachelor…messy room ect ect. I’m hoping she isn’t going to think i’m gross when i’m able to stay out of body long enough to have a conversation!