Hey ladies and gents,

 Today I’ve been pondering over the different types of experiences I’ve had from meditation. It’s strange how vast the human consciousness truly is, and what different levels you can unlock from just sitting down and breathing! I’ll create another post on how I meditate, what works for me and why I think it does. But today, I’m just going to share some of the experiences I’ve had on my journeys through consciousness. Enjoy!

 Energetic Overload – The feeling I had coincides with the title I’ve given it. If you could imagine plugging yourself into an electrical outlet, this could give you an idea of what I experienced while in this stage. The entire body tingles as though static electricity is literally pouring out of my body. There are no visual or auditory experiences, no happiness or sadness, just pure energy. It’s like my body was humming with the energy of the universe, there was nothing but this energy and I was one with it. The craziest part is the sensation didn’t stop after I closed the mediation session until about 15 to 20 minutes after. It was a very incredible experience, one of which I haven’t had since my time spent in Iraq in 09-10.

  The Sound of Silence – Yes I took the title off one of my favorite songs, however, I couldn’t think of a better name to describe it. Absolute silence, the world around you fades away, no thought chatter in your mind, just a still calm mind. Nothing around me really mattered in this place, just try and be one with the blackness. Can’t think of any other way to describe this one so we’ll just leave it at that. 

At The Theater – This is an interesting level because I receive these visions almost seemingly out of nowhere. They come in very fast flashes, most of which don’t make sense but it’s almost like watching a movie reel with random images on each slide. I try to remember as much as I can but each vision is literally only there for a second. Mind boggling and aggravating, I noticed that there is no use trying to slow it down, as soon as you try to control it, they stop instantly.

 Waking Paralysis – Those of you who’ve experienced will instantly remember the horror of this title. It’s actually a very well known phenomena and is exactly what the title say’s, in most cases people will wake up with the feeling of a presence in the room, then as they try to make their escape, they cant! What happens is your brain emits a chemical that paralysis your body while you sleep so you don’t act out your dreams. Well, waking in this state can be nothing short of horrifying. I’ve both woken up in this state as well as meditated myself into it. Through mediation, I found myself aggravated,  not really scared. I didn’t have any of the “Entity” attacks usually associated with Waking Paralysis. Then again….I’ve also woken up in this stage which I had a full blown “Entity” attack. I can remember it clearly and it frightened the piss out of me, almost literally. But none the less, it’s a very interesting phenomena.

 Love – The title says it all, imagine nothing but love entering your mind and body and completely wrapping you up. This session is hard to close because you could just be lost in it forever, you just FEEL what true love is. You and your higher power/self, accept you for what you are, good and bad. But most importantly, you feel that love for yourself from that power that’s just indescribable. It’s truly a life changing experience.

Pre OBE Sensations – And to wrap it up, the bane of my existence, OBE/Astral Projection. It usually starts with a light tingling sensation, which seems to be followed almost immediately with the sense of feeling weightless. Which is interesting because I feel the weight kind of drain away. For some reason I feel like someone’s walking around on my bed, like I can feel the depressions from someone’s weight walking around me. It doesn’t really bother me but I do take note of it. The tingling usually becomes more pronounced at this point, it radiates through my whole body which is always accompanied with an increase in Heart Chakra activity, to the point where it feels like my heart is literally going to beat out of my chest. The last sensation that I’ve experienced is usually an extreme sense of shaking. The only way I can describe it is like an earthquake but only inside of you. Nothings shaking but that sense of extreme back and forth, I feel that and honestly is what usually sends my brain racing to try and GET OUT of my body…which is usually what ends the experience.

 Well guy’s, these are some of my most memorable experiences brought on by meditation. I hope you enjoy them or possibly learn something from them. See ya!