So i’m beginning to notice a trend, I can easily achieve pre exit symptoms. Rapid heart chakra beating, tingling floating sensation, strange roaring sounds, but my problem is as SOON as I get to the falling sensation, my mind locks on it and then the symptoms slowly fade away. So, I considered the possibility that this is probably a mental barrier preventing me from doing this consciously.

 So, last night, I decided that I need a helping hand. I cleared my thoughts with a little meditation and stood in the center of my room when I felt satisfied. I visualized myself growing so big that the earth was microscopic beneath my feet. I visualized seeing through many different layers of the universe, I felt confidence that my voice would echo through the different planes. With this I called to my guides, my guardians and to all helpful spirits that wished to help me in my endeavors. I visualized my voice traveling on currents of energy radiating through my throat chakra, while also using tactile imaging to feel my throat chakra to add to the atmosphere of my on the spot make shift ritual. With that I clasped my hands together, thanked all of my guides and spiritual companions and bowed, ending the ritual.

So I hop in bed, close my eyes and start working on belly breathing and almost had INSTANT sensations, usually it takes me a little less than a minute to induce sensations but this was really fast. My real time sight kicked on directly afterwards and the first spirit I saw was a black figure, it looked like a man but I couldn’t see any features, just that it was human like. It seemed uninterested with me, it stopped and turned its head, looking at me and kept walking. I wasn’t scared and it didn’t bother me, I figured it was just a spirit answering my call and maybe realizing I wasn’t what he was expecting? Next was something I could only explain as possibly an angel. On my “Black mental screen” I saw the outline of a woman with wings directly above me, I was behind her and she turned her head and then flew away, looking back at me as she did. The next figure was another human figure, only this one was outlined in white, he came to me, stopped at my bed side and bent down for a second, then he outstretched his hand towards me like someone would when they are offering you their hand to pull you up. I tried but unfortunately being awake for all of this, I offered my actual hand. Again I got to all the sensations but this time I got a strong pressure in my third eye chakra or 6th chakra, it was strong enough to the point that it was causing pain, almost like a brain freeze. As soon as I sat up the pain was gone, I took a few breathers and decided to lay back down and just go to sleep. However, I asked for help so I sure did receive it.

 As I laid down on my stomach, I began getting sensations again! Usually my stomach is my quitting phase, these spirits were determined to help me out! The next entity that came to me was “the transforming old lady” I gave her this name because this is the only entity that night that showed itself to me completely, facial features and everything, only thing is she was only a floating head! She appeared to me first as my father, then his face began to melt….not in a scary way. Then it turned into this old woman’s face and head, she looked at me and smiled and flew away out of my “Third eye sight”. 

 This was the last entity that presented itself to me. I never did get out of my body consciously, however I woke up about 3 times throughout the night with really strong sensations, one of which I felt my left leg leave my body but snap back in place as soon as I felt it.

 Moral of this story is, you can count on your guides and helpful spirits to come to you in your time of need, however, remember that if you ask you shall receive! Shouldn’t have made that call on a work night, it took me forever to get past the vibrations and actually fall asleep! ( Just to add, I didn’t call to the spirits and just quit. This was after about 2 hours of attempts ranging from 2330 until 0145. I wouldn’t call onto spirits to not even attempt an exit!)