I JUST had one of the most strange projection/dreams I’ve ever had and it went on and on for pretty much the entire hour long nap that I had taken. As I was laying down and going to sleep I started with some breathing exercises and waited for the vibrations to come naturally. I noted a few strange incidents…first of all, I think I noticed that I have sleep apnea because I remember literally gasping for air at one point which led to some very weird spasms…I remember my leg kicking and twitching but the funny part is that I wasn’t scared? That might just be me being a weirdo but yeah. Anyways onto the experience.

  I “Woke” up in my bed and I felt super super groggy. So my first instinct was to sit up, it took all of my strength to do it. I was standing in a daze, wobbling around almost like I was drunk. I couldn’t really open my eyes too much….my entire body felt like I was wading through muddy water. I remember standing over by the door and then the next second I was in my bed again, so I sit up and again I feel like 1000 pounds…I wobble back to the door and by the time I make it there I’m back in my bed again. There was a few times i’d stand up out of bed and instantly crumble down to the ground only to find myself back in my bed. While all this is going on I have no idea if I’m dreaming or if I’m having a very weird OBE. I thought about jumping out of my window buuuuut I live on the 3rd story…if I was wrong about both and found out that I was sleep walking mid flight, that would make for a very bad day. However, all in all, I can fully remember 7 waking instances…until finally really waking up in my bed.

 The reason I don’t understand if it was a dream or OBE is because, it was a lot like Lucid Dreaming….however, usually when I go “Lucid” it’s inside a dream world. This was inside my room, everything exactly how it is in real life ( Judging by the times that I actually could open my eyes). Usually, in any out of body experience I’ve had, when I project into the “Real time zone” at least, it’s usually right to where I am in the real world. So, Idk what to make of it. I don’t know if it was a dream or an actual experience….I felt conscious, barely but conscious….but I don’t know. It was strange and something I felt like I should log. I guess I can let you guy’s decide.